Simple and Effective Weed Management

As part of the GT27 system, the new Balance® Bean herbicide will provide long-lasting, residual control with reactivation technology. When combined with supplemental post-emergence applications of glyphosate, the system will control a full spectrum of grass and broadleaf weeds, including a number of herbicide-resistant weeds. Glyphosate and Balance® Bean are excellent choices for burndown in no-till applications. Both chemistries are proven, non-volatile and will provide outstanding ease of use. Balance® Bean will offer growers a new, selective herbicide for soybeans with the powerful weed control growers have come to expect. Balance® Bean’s use rate will be extremely low — a fraction of the use rates for Dicamba and 2,4-D.

  • Dual Modes of Action

    Better control for difficult-to-control weeds, with glyphosate killing weeds on contact and Balance® Bean’s residual control continuing after application.

  • Control of Resistant Weeds

    Glyphosate and the new Balance® Bean will combat a large number of broadleaf weeds and grasses, including triazine-, PPO – and ALS-resistant weeds.

  • Extended early-season weed control

    Balance® Bean can be used in burndown or pre-emergence applications. Glyphosate can also be used in post-emergence applications.

  • Reactivation Capabilities

    Unique, reactivation capabilities of Balance® Bean will effectively control target weeds through canopy closure.

  • Non-Volatile Chemistries

    Unlike synthetic auxins, there is a low volatility concern due to the non-volatile nature of Balance® Bean and glyphosate.

  • Ultra-low Use Rate

    Low use rates for for Balance® Bean means easier handling, storage, transport and tank cleanout.